Referee & Scorekeeper Certifications

Each team participating in the Cat Fight must have at least 2 - NAGVA Certified Scorekeepers, 1 of which must also be a NAGVA Certified Referee. 

All courses and tests are conducted online @

To ensure that your team is in compliance with this NAGVA requirement, follow the below steps to check Referee and Scorekeeper certification status.

  1. Sign into your NAGVA Website profile at
  2. Click on "My NAGVA".
  3. In the "Player Lookup" field, key in the last name of your player(s) and click "Search".  
  4. Click on the Player's Name to get to their Profile Summary.
  5. A date in the "Certified Referee" & "Certified Scorekeeper" fields indicate the exp date of certification, a "No" indicates that certification is not current.
  6. In order to obtain certification, you must first complete the online Scorekeeper Exam. Once you have passed the Scorekeeper Exam, you must then take the Referee Written Exam. Once you have passed the Online Referee Exam, the next step is to be observed as an Up Referee at the tournament during Pool Play. 
  7. Please complete the Referee Certification Observation Request Form on the SVC Cat Fight Website Page. The Request Form will ask for your NAGVA Profile Info, as well as the times your team is assigned to Officiate Pool Play matches. A Day Official will be assigned to observe you as an "Up" Ref during Pool Play. They will evaluate your performance using the NAGVA R1 Rating Form
  8. Please verify that an observer has been assigned to one of your Officiating Assignments.

Referee & Scorekeeper exams must be taken at least 2 weeks in advance of ECCF 2015. Teams that do not have a certified Official and Scorekeeper will be charged $30 / match to secure an official should they be available.

Once the Pool Play scheduled has been published, you will complete the below Observation Request Form. 

Observation Requests Received and Status

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