Competition Schedule

Cat Fight Schedules and Results Are Online at AdvancedEventSystems.Com-CLICK HERE

Cat Fight Program

The 2021 Cat Fight Program, including the pool play schedule is now posted at the link below. Please keep in mind that if a team drop occurs, we will need to make adjustments to that division schedule. You should consider this schedule tentative. Match rounds other than the 1st and 2nd of both the AM and PM waves are scheduled at 45 minutes inclusive of the warmup period. The first round of the AM Wave is scheduled as 45 minutes, and is NOT inclusive of warmup. Teams need to be present for the captain's meeting by 7:20AM as the 1st round warmup period begins. First serves are at 7:50AM sharp for the first round of the day. The 2nd round of the AM wave is scheduled at 50 minutes, inclusive of that round's warmup period with 5 extra minutes. The PM wave 1st and 2nd rounds are also scheduled at 50 minutes and are inclusive of warmup.


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